Juniors: PSAT/NMSQT test to be given at WHS on Oct.20 from 8:10- 11:30 A.M. This test is a preliminary SAT test, which measures critical reading, math and writing skills. Prepares you for the ACT, SAT; get feedback on standardized test of your skills; enter scholarship competitions. The fee is $16 See Mrs. Workman to sign up and receive your practice booklet. Pay in the office to WHS.

Juniors may take one day for a college visit. Please ask me for a visitation form and have secretary sign before your leave. You may access the form here also.
Students will not be allowed to take Junior day the week prior to finals week.

Female Juniors:  NASA OPPORTUNITY: View and fill out application for a week long experience at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Apply @ www.wish.aerospacescholars.org

Junior days at KSU: go to their website and sign up! Great chance to meet KSU students and learn what a possible schedule, life would be like at KSU! Parents meet with administrators and counselors, students meet with students presently and graduated KSU students. Sign up or walk in registration is welcome!

Juniors: Wondering what you can do over Christmas vacation when you are bored? Start looking for extra money to fund your college education. Begin using the below site for some good sources of money!  Begin looking for scholarships by going to: k-state.edu/sfa/scholarships/scholarshipsearch.htm or fastweb.

SENIORS: Also, if you are planning to attend K-state, KU, or any regents college, the priority date to apply is NOVEMBER 1st, SO, if you know, where you want to attend, go ahead and apply, pay your 30 dollar application fee and you are ahead of the game! When you apply for most of those schools on their website is a link to apply for their college scholarships, do that also by NOVEMBER 1!!  K-state's site is: http://www.k-state.edu/sfa/scholarships

THE ASVAB test will be given to  Juniors early in Dec. 2018.  It will be given in the computer lab classroom of Mr. Weishaar.   Great career information is returned to your student for this time and effort on this test.  A great way to get the feel of testing before the ACT.

**  Student Athletes -I t is time for college-bound student-athletes to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Any current sophomore, junior, or senior who wishes to participate in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II college or university should register. Registrants may access the site at www.eligibilitycenter.org

Athletes:  If you are dedicated athlete, lettered in one or more sports at varsity level, C grade point average or better, Soph, Junior or senior, and a committed follower of Jesus Christ, apply for the Playing With Purpose Award and scholarship program.  Access at www.playingwithpurpose.org  For each year the due date is approx. March 1,2013.

Students:  Start logging your volunteer service projects NOW!! This can be church service, neighborly service, school service, community service, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, visiting the elderly - anything you volunteer to do and don't get paid.  Many scholarships are now looking at what you do to be a helpful citizen in your community.  You  make a difference  by the little things you do for others!

Juniors who are interested in criminology or going into the police force, law enforcement , Come see me! I have a great opportunity for you to attend CADET ACADEMY in Salina.  Application is due:March 31., sponsored by the American Legion. Cost is $300, but we can find a donation for your experience to cover almost all of it! 

Juniors interested in pursuing a sport in college should register with the NAIA clearinghouse or the NCAA clearinghouse. Check out which colleges require which registration site.  This clears the athlete for eligibility for college sports and there are many added benefits as well.  Log onto: www.playnaia.org

When taking the ACT, place the NAIA code:9876 so your scores go to all eligible colleges; NCAAcode: 9999 so all colleges receive your ACT information

Juniors should take the ACT in the spring of their junior year! Students usually take the test 1-3 times to get the score they are pleased with. Please get on the ACT website/ or register by mail. See me for help!  Practice is available  by checking out the  ACT prep  book: The Real ACT Prep Guide 3rd edition by INC.ACT(author). One will reside in the library for check out and you can buy your own for $23.47 on Amazon.com.  There is also practice  retired tests in Mrs. WOrkman's office you can have with answers. There is also an ACT app on your ipad.

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