SAFE members of 2017-2018, some of which are missing, but these are our new shirts we are sporting now!

SAFE SEATBELT ENFORCEMENT :The Kansas Department of Transportation Bureau of Traffic Safety and Technology will host a two-week seatbelt enforcement period. The enforcement will target teen drivers and passengers near middle and high schools in Kansas.In 2015, 13 Kansas teens were killed in crashes. 40% of them were NOT properly restrained. Enforcement period is February 20- March 3, 2017.  


SAFE awards VISA gift cards donated by our sponsors each month.  Teens pledge to wear their seat belts when they are riding/driving a car.  One student from each grade is drawn. If perhaps, the student is seen by ambassadors NOT wearing their seat belt, then for that month their card is withdrawn from the SAFE drawing pile.  Our first survey resulted in 78.7% of students, teachers and other adults  surveyed wearing their seatbelts.  Lots of Room for improvement!! 

Past year's stats:

2010-11  Fall 76%, Spring 93% 

2011-12 Fall 64% Spring 80%

2013-14 Fall 82% Spring 90%

2015- 16 Fall 80.7% Spring 86.8%

2016-17 Fall 78.7%  Spring 89%

2017-18 FALL 90%, Spring 91%

2018-19 Fall 89%, Spring

 VISA card winners each month so far : 

Visa card winners for October were: At the football game we have also had adult winners : Jim Heine and Cheryl Johnson.

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