FINANCIAL AID  :  Apply at Priority date for most colleges is MARCH 1, 2017  

FAFSA can be applied for as early as Jan. 1, 2017 !  Get on that because the date you submit it, locks in your date for federal funds if you qualify.  This would be even if you have to go back and update it with new information.  In other words, don't wait until your taxes are done!! You can easily use last year's tax return forms, mark that as such on your form application, then update it at another time.  Great information and a way to get the money that is available to your students!!  All students that apply for college need to also apply for financial aid, even if you think you will not receive any.

  Financial aid is determined from the student and parent tax information from the previous fiscal year.  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is filled out after January 1, and you should check your particular college's priority deadline to make sure you get yours in on time.  The sooner the better.  (A hint:  You can use prior year's data as an estimate, and then go back in and update to the past fiscal year data)  If you have had a change in circumstance in your family income, that will not be reflected in your prior year's tax return, you should contact your financial aid advisor at your particular college to let them know of this change.

Prior to filling out your FAFSA form both the student and one parent must apply for a PIN Number, which is used for your electronic signature.  This can  be done ON January 1.  Click on the links below for your PIN and the FAFSA applications.




Tool for estimation of Fin. Aid Package: FAFSA4caster

Mark February 24, 2013 on your calendar to attend College Goal Sunday and get help completing the FAFSA – the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the first step in the post-secondary financial aid process.  Attending College Goal Sunday is free!  At Washburn University! Go to to register.  Be sure to apply for a FAFSA PIN prior to attending.  BOTH parents and prospective students need their own PIN numbers.



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