College Representative Visits
All college visits are during Seminar in the Library  or lunch time in the commons. Announcements are made the day before and day of the representative's visit
VISITS @ 9:40 will  meet in the WHS library; 11:50 visits will be in the WHS commons lunchroom.
Aug. 21, 2014: US Marine representative at noon
Sept. 9, 2014: Cloud County Community College rep @ 9:40
Oct. 2 @ noon- Pratt Community College 
Oct.9, @9:40, KSU rep 
Oct. 14, 2014: Washburn University rep@ 9:40
Oct. 21, @9:40- Allen County Community College Rep
Nov. 3@9:40- Fort Hays State University rep
Jan.  28 at noon-US NAVY representative
Jan. 29 at noon- US National Guard representative
Feb. 17 at noon- US Air Force representative
Feb. 23 at noon- Washburn University representative 
March 11@ 9:30-10:30 Ft.Hays State University representative 

College Goal Sunday will be held on February 22, 2015 from 2pm-4pm  to help families complete the FAFSA – the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the first step in the post-secondary financial aid process. Attending College Goal Sunday is free!  At Washburn University! Go to register. Be sure to apply for a FAFSA PIN prior to attending.  BOTH parents and prospective students need their own PIN numbers.


Another  way to request your transcript- JUST IN CASE YOU WANT IT SENT ELECTRONICALLY>

Students:  You may now request to have your transcript sent to any college  by using this service that is provided for you.  Simply, click on this link: and go to My transcripts to get started.   However, the charge is $3.50. I will send it for you free, so email or call me; however, this service is available.

All students must register on this site if they want their transcript sent electronically.

Cool can request your transcript via email from your home and you don't have to worry about it getting lost in the mail!! This is the way to request , sorry this year there is a $3.50 charge.  

 APPLY TO ALL 4 Year colleges by Nov. 1. DEADLINE!!! Apply so you are in line for scholarship money!

**` GREAT WAY TO PREPARE FOR YOUR COLLEGE ...IMPROVE YOUR ACT SCORE AND BE PREPARED!! In case you missed Carolyn and ACT prep class earlier this fall, she offers more.  
  ACT PREP class  offered by Carolyn Devane in Wamego and Manhattan High at various times of the year. Usually these classes are offered 3 evenings for $75 which includes the super resource book below. Contact Mrs. Workman for these dates.

           GREAT RESOURCE FOR ACT students:
THE REAL ACT PREP GUIDE- $21.97 on (One copy is available for check out in the WHS library)

*   Register with the selective service @  All 18 year old males are required by law to register. If you fail to register, you cannot qualify for federal student grants or loans for college. 2 minutes to register online. Males can enroll online when they are 17 yrs. and 3 months old. A good thing to do so that all financial aid is given if going to college.
  • Students will not be allowed to take Junior day the week prior to finals week, if they are having to take  the finals.
  • Students are able to take 1 day as a Junior Day to visit  a college of their choice; Seniors are able to take 2 Senior Days to visit colleges of their choice.
  • Prepare for the FAFSA by logging into:  and start filling out your tax information now.  You can come back and update it after your taxes are done but this allows for early submission and you can meet college deadlines. Remember to write down your username and pin; you will use it for the length of your college career.  See also the FAFSA page on this website.


    Students:  SET UP YOUR FASTWEB ACCOUNT by logging onto  This site will allow you to scan for scholarships in your major field of interest, then email you when the deadline is getting close. Great account to have!   DO IT NOW!

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